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Hummingbird Heartbeat 7

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Jouri's -POV-

This Sunday morning , Fay , Rakan , Yousef , Lujain and I ditched school for some brunch. 

We decided to go to Prime & Toast , wearing our school uniforms just incase something comes up or we decide to go to school after-all. 

Well, we didn't.

"Mdam we already ditched school shraykoum ngazirha w nrou7 film?" Rakan suggested with a smirk forming on his face. 

"Ee wala shega3idna eb Arabic w Biology yala khanrou7" I said

We headed to 360 and went to the cinema.

"Ay film taboun, action wela comedy?" Rakan asked us 

"Umm..khanrou7 comedy nith7ak shway minziman ma tha7akt" Fay replied

"Affah ana al7een atha7kich" Yousef said as he did a funny face 

"Ath7ak? 7adik sakheef!" Fay replied not even smiling

"Yezay ath7kich..shofay Jouri ou Lujain yith7ikoun" Yousef stated. 

"Ga3deen nith7ak 3alaikoum moo 3ashan hal wayh el sakheef ely sawayta" Lujain said while laughing 

"Entaw moo mal wa7id ya36ekoum wayh" he walked over to Rakan who was booking the tickets

Fay's -POV-

"Waaaaaaaaaiit , wait wait!!!" I exclaimed , stopping them from cutting their tickets.

"Shfeech?!" Yousef asked. 

"Gabel la ndish khna6lib Marble Slab 7ady mishtahya ice cream." I said excited.

"May9er ndakhla, wain n7i6a?" Jouri asked me.

"Mu mushkila , jan6ity kibeera tkafy" I grinned. 

"Eee walla yabeelah!" Yousef ran to Marble Slab "Ana 3azimkum, 6ilbaw bsir3a w dakhlu jan6at Fay."

We got our ice cream and entered the qa3a. 

We sat in the middle. 

Rakan, Jouri, Lujain, me, and Yousef.

Jouri's -POV-

"Aby popcorn"  I whispered to Lujain. 

"El ma6loub? Shtabeny asaweelich, ro7ay shtiray" Ashkara kannat mndamja bil film. 

"Asti7y arou7 brou7y , 3indy ice cream ou ba3ad abe popcorn .. akhaf Rakan ou Yousef egoloun 3any mashfou7a" I whispered back to Lujain and Fay heard us.

"3ad entay lazim large popcorn" Fay said in a louder voice and Yousef heard her.

"Minu yaby popcorn?" Yousef asked.

"Ha..ana barou7 ashtiry taby shay?" I asked him

"La maby shay mashkoura" 

I was about to stand up when Rakan held my hand and whispered "Gi3day ana aro7 ashtireelich..shnu tabeen?" He asked with a smile on his face.

"La 3ady ana arou7 ashtiry, lazim ashof shino mawjoud" I reassured him. 

"Enzain 3ayal bayiy m3ach ana ba3ad aby drink w nachos"

We left the theatre and went to buy snacks.

Rakan's -POV-

Ma knt abe ashtry shay , el barid sad chabdy .. Bs ma kint abe Jouri trou7 brou7ha.

On our way out there were 5 boys who were glaring at Jouri. When she saw them she hesitated and ran to the counter. Weird. 

"Shfeech rikathtay?" 

" bas maby yabdy I'll film yala khal na6lib" 

She ordered and as she was about to take out her wallet to pay I quickly moved her hand and gave the money to the cashier.

"La2 Rakan ana badfa3 fashla" 

"Shino fashla 3aib ana rayal bakhaleech entay tidfi3een" I smiled at her and got the change and walked towards the theatre. 

"Mashkour ma tga9ir" she looked embarrassed.  

"Shda3wa 3ady ma sawayt shay" I opened the door for her and we entered.

Fay's -POV-

I saw them coming in and they both had wide smiles plastered on their faces 

"Shalth7ka shaga el wayh shfeech?"I winked at her while as she sat down 

"7aram ath7ak ya3ny?" she said embarrassed "Ee umbay Fay tawa shift'houm"

"Shiftay mino?" I asked confused

"Shift el 9bayan ely kanaw eb McDonalds"

"Chathaba" I almost yelled

"Shh.. walla."

5 minutes later 5 boys came in and they sat infront of us. They didn't notice us but we kept quiet so they don't see us and we didn't want to make a big problem so we didn't tell the boys. We continued the movie and left to go have lunch at Open Flame.

Jouri's -POV-

"Table for 5 please" I turned around and found them behind us waiting for their table.

"Ahh...shraykoum nrou7 Fridays mishtahya el fries malhoum" I asked them

"La2 aby OF's dynamite fries" Fay said determined to eat at Open Flame

I led her to the boys with my eyes

"Khala9 ghayart rayiy aby Fridays yala emshaw" she grabbed my hand and went outside the resturant after the guys went in

Lujain, Rakan and Yousef followed us

"Shfeekoum bismillah entaw gayleen taboun B+F al7een ghayartaw raykoum ana gayilikoum Fridays" Yousef complained "bas ma7ad yisma3 kalamy 7adi mishtihy their chicken tenders"

"KAAK yal yahil yala imshaw" Rakan playfully hit Yousef as he led us to Fridays where we sat down and ordered 

We ate and waited for our drivers to come pick us up. 

Lujain left and it was just me, Fay, Rakan and Yousef.

They were leaving together and I was going to drop off Fay. 

Rakan's drivered arrived and he started calling him non stop until he finally called back

"Raj ya 7abeby mumkin tan6ir shway?" Rakan asked as he picked up the phone 

"Adry 7ar bas ista7mil ifta7 el AC bas in6ir bnidfa3 check w ni6la3 baba zain?" He closed the phone. 

"Sh'hal bilsha law yayen eb sayarty a7san" Yousef said. 

"Roo7aw ka al7een yo9al Silvianno" I said as I checked my mobile. 

"La shino nkhaleekoum bro7koum bintayn na6reen bara?" Yousef said sternley "china ngoul 7ag el 9bayan ta3alaw ghazlouhoum" 

Fay, Rakan and I started laughing at him 

"Shda3wa shda3wa" I laughed at him " Ka wi9al el sayig shofa minak" I pointed

"Inzain lama tdishoun el sayara nro7 ma feeha shay shfekoum 3ady" Rakan said as he stood as a statue 

"Yala 3ayal bye" I waved. 

"Ou thanks for today." Fay said as we entered the car and drove to her house. 

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Hummingbird Heartbeat 6

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I woke up the next morning , feeling very ill..

Not a great way to start my Thursday.

"Fay 7abeebty goumay " My father woke me up.

I didn't find the strength to reply so I just moaned and flipped the other side.

"7abeebty shfeech?" He asked, worried.

"Ta3bana." I finally found the words to say.

He checked my forehead and told me to go back to sleep.

"Matshouf shar elghalya. " He said as he fully covered me up with an extra blanket. 

4 hours later 

"Mama goumay." My mother started shaking me softly. 

"Hmm" I replied. 

"7abeebty emshay khan awadeech el 6abeeb." She said while checking my forehead. 

"Mama ma feeni 7ail agoum." I whined. 

"7asa feech 7abeebty bs goumay 3ashan yshoufoun shfeech ou ya36ounich duwa eray7ich." She smiled sweetly. 

"Enshala." I replied. 


I checked my phone to find 5 missed calls from Jouri, 2 from Lujain and 4 bbms from Jouri , Lujain , Yousef & Rakan. 

I didn't feel like typing , so I just replied to Jouri. 

Jouri ∞ :
La tistahbilain?! 
Laish matriden?!!!!!

Fay ♡ :
Ta3bana , fa ma dawamt. 

Jouri ∞ :
Waaay 7asbaly mitay aw shay ya 7mara! 
Laish shfeeech? 

Fay ♡ :
Latfawleen bsmla 3alay ;o
7arara , bala3emi ou ba6ny. 

Jouri ∞ :
Salamat 7ubz , matshoufeen shar :( 
Yala take care ou rest , i'll bring your homeworks love you :*


Yousef's -POV- 

Everytime I see her my heart starts pounding , my palms start sweating , and I start smiling for no apparent reason. 

I entered the school gates , eager to see her.

“Shlonich Jouri?" 

"Tmaaam enta?" She replied. 

"El7mdla .." I paused. 

"Uh wainha Fay? Kil ma ashofich ehya m3ach, ghareeba moo mawjoda ilyoum .. Um 3asa ma shar?” I said trying to act like I don’t really care. 

“ El shar ma eyek bas shway mareetha elyoum fa ghabat ” 

I can slowly feel my smile forming into a frown.

“Ah.. Salamt’ha, etha taby shay tara ana mawjood.” I firmly said.

“Mashkour ma tga9ir.” Jouri smiled. 

I smiled back and walked towards Rakan.

“Shfeek m3a9ib” he asked, while punching my arm. 

“Moo m3a9ib”I answered him staring at the floor.

“Ha 3ayal laish mad bouzik ya dalou3at mama. ” He started laughing. 

“Kil tibin .. Esma3 bagoulik shay.”

“Yala ga3d asma3 goul.” He looked at me. 

“Inzain ana a7ib wa7da” I finally said. 

“Mino? Min9ijik ent laykoun tkalimha” he said.

“La youba moo chithy bas ya3ny shagoulik” I paused for awhile “never mind” I shrugged it off. 

“Akeed?” He asked. 

“Eee.” I walked away. 

Rakan's -POV- 

Yousef was being weird , wala 9idamni hal walad.. 3ad nou3a kilish mu ra3i swalif banat ma banat wla min hal ma9khara.

I continued walking through the hallway after Yousef stormed out on me , and I saw Jouri and Lujain on the way standing beside their lockers. Lujain looked at me and I mouthed her to keep quiet.. I wanted to scare Jouri. 

"Boo." I whispered into Jouri's ears as I snuck up behind her back. 

She jumped and looked very startled. 

"Yaaa shaaaagouuul , galbe ba8a yougaf!" She shouted. 

I just looked at her and burst out into laughter. 

"Wai3 sakheef ma ytha7ik!" She looked pissed. 

"Asif Jouri wala." I held in my laughter. 

"Ef okay." I can see a smile forming but she's trying to keep on a serious face. 

"Yala guys I have to go. " Lujain said as she closed her lockers and skipped down the hallway.

I looked into her deep brown eyes and smiled , she's so beautiful. 

"Sh3ndch el7een?" I asked. 

"Double period PE, maly khlg ... enta?" She frowned.

"3indy free period .. you3ana?" I asked. 

She laughed. "Eee shway , sh'hal su2al?" 

"Shrayich we skip wnrou7 Starbucks jabriya ana wyach ou Yousef was2al Lujain el7en." 

"Wala?" She looked surprised. 

"Eeee! S2lay umich etha tgdren triden el bait wng6ch 3ugub." I said. 

"Mashallah wayd eb tirtha etha gtlaha 9bay bewa9ilni el bait." She raised an eyebrow.

"Khala9 3ayal rday wya Lujain ." I suggested. 

"La 3adi agoul 7ag sayigy eyli hnak , bs dgeega. " She excused herself as she dialed her moms number. 

I called Yousef and he said he was coming but Lujain couldn't, she had Biology. 

30 minutes later we were out of the school and heading to Starbucks. 

We arrived and Yousef and I went to order while Jouri waited in her car. 

Jouri's -POV-

I waited patiently in the car for the boys to come, while switching from station to station until I settled down on 99.7. 

An old blue Mustang ray7a feeha , parked next to me. A short guy , wearing a dishdasha with slick long black hair got out of the drivers seat and started looking through my window. 

I was a bit terrified after the last incident that happened to me and Fay. 

I tried to avoid him but he kept grinning and knocking at my window. 

"Hay enta." I looked over to see Rakan coming out of Starbucks, furious , yelling at the guy. 

"Shtabe ent? Okhooha?" The stranger laughed , uncovering his yellow messed up teeth. 

"La2 zoujha." Rakan stated with no hesitation. 

I froze in my seat. 

I can feel my cheeks turn into a crimson shade of red. 

"Yalla ethlif jdami , wla tshouf shay ma shifta." Rakan yelled.

"Enzain yuba kalaitni." He said , getting back into his car. 

"En shif rig3at wayhik mara thanya matloum ela nafsik yal 7aywan." Rakan said while hitting his car. 

After the guy left, I opened my door and thanked Rakan. 

"Mashkour Rakan ma ga9art." I blushed. 

"Affa 3alaich bas , dam eni mawjoud wla 9bay akhale egarib yamich." He smiled as he handed me over my drink. 

"Ma tga9ir." I smiled.

"Ba3d cham Jouri 3indy?" He smiled. 

I blushed. 

"Yala take care ou salmay 3ala Fay , matshouf shar enshallah." He said. 

"Enshallah you9al , elshar mayek ." 

He smiled and closed my door. 

Kalb , he's making it hard for me not to fall for him. 

Back to Fay

I spent the rest of my day , in bed, up until Jouri came over at 3 and stayed til 9. I'm completely bored out of my mind , but thankfully i'm feeling better. 

I logged onto twitter to check my follower requests and then I decided to tweet something since I haven't tweeted the whole day. 

ExampleFay Sick :c .. Craving hot chocolate!!

An hour later, I updated my bbm status to "Entertain me :p". 

Yousef Alx: 

fayoun call me ;p

This was kind of weird , I never talked to any of the guys ghair bbm and during school... I was a bit nervous but I called him anyway , maybe he needed something. 




Yousef: Aloo. 

Fay: Aloo - I hesitated-.

Yousef: Salamat salamat , fgadnach elyoum.

Fay: Haha Allah ysalmik , 6ab3an school without me sucks. 

Yousef: La walla - he started laughing-. 

Something about his voice , his laugh, made me tingle inside but I don't know why. 

Fay: Atqashmar wyak haha , ham ana fgadtkum. 

Yousef: Eee chthy elnas egouloun , ma ykabroun ras'hum 3alaina. 


Yousef started laughing and I couldn't help but smile. 

Yousef: Shlounich el7en? 

Fay: Wayd a7san min el9b7. 

Yousef: El7amdila .. ya3ni fech shadda tamsheen aw tit7arikain? 

Fay: Eee wayd nifa3ni el panadol allah y3afe. 

Yousef: Brou7ich bilbait? 

Fay: Eee tawa ume ra7at bait yadity ou uboy ra7 el dwniya ou okhoy msafir .. laish? 

Yuma , laish ga3d ys2alni as2la chithy ga3d ykhari3ni. 

Yousef: Fay 6arasht my driver baitkum eyeblich your biology book , Jouri nisita bilsayara. 

Fay: Oh okayy!!! Thank you. 

Yousef: Ba3d 2 minutes nizleela , lat6arsheen khadama 3ashan ba3dain ma ygoul min yousef w9er mushkila aw shay. 

Fay: Eee 9a7 okay , thank you again! 

Yousef: No problem , atwaqa3 w9al lna ga3d edig 3alay. 

Fay: Okay el7en anzila , bye! 

I closed the phone and quickly put on my sweatpants , a big hoodie and tied my long messy hair into a bun. I wore my washed out crocs and hurried down. 

Yousef's -POV-

I waited in the car for Fay , I wanted to surprise her with some hot chocolate I got her from Starbucks.

Seconds later I saw her tall figure walking down the steps , approaching my car, and my stomach started flipping.

She still has no idea it's me since my windows were tinted. 

"Hello ?" She said knocking the window. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. 

I slowly rolled down the window , revealing myself. 

She was shocked. 


I smiled. 

"Oh my god laish yet? Etha your driver ma gdar ywa9il my book 3adi chan law 6arasht sayigy , laish ti3nait?!" She was still surprised. 

"Knt ga3d agi9 3alaich , Jouri ma nisat your book bilsayara, bs I do have something for you." 

"Huh?" She looked confused. I couldn't help but smile. 

"Yebtlich hot chocolate." 

Her face was priceless. 

"Ha ? Shloun? Laish? Shdarak?" She covered her face. 

"Yeebtlich hot chocolate , shloun? R7t Starbucks ou 6alabt , laish? La2na you were craving it, shdarani? You tweeted it." I smirked. 

"Youusef , 7arajtni wala." I can see her face turning red. 

"Tstahlain." I replied. 

"7adik 6ayib wala , chan law ma ti3nait , laish Yousef laish mashkour wayyd wayyyd wayyyyyyd?" I can tell she was embarrassed. 

"3adi shda3wa , ma ti3anait walashay ana bil asas knt eb starbucks ou baitna greeb min baitkum." I lied. Theres no way I was going to tell her eni 7dart min el shaliah 3ashanha. "Ou a9lan ba3d kint bat6aman 3alaich .. Like I said fgadnach." I continued off. 

She just starred at me for a while with her red cheeks and then she smiled. God I loved her smile. 

"Yala dishay dakhil latriden tistamrithain 3alaina , ou take care." I smiled. 

"Wait.. Yousef.." 


She blushed and looked down. 

"You shouldn't have , wala .. bas thank you so much thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, I appreciate it a lot. " She walked away without giving me a chance to reply. 

It was so worth it.